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Hi There!

I'm Ayelet Marinovich



NOBODY out there knows the best way for you to parent your child. 

That is something you and your child are going to have to figure out, again and again… pretty much every day — if you’re lucky, for the rest of your life! That is the enormous responsibility that we have as parents and caregivers... and those early experiences that we give our infants and toddlers are the ones that shape their experience of life, and of how they come to define closeness and comfort. 


My name is Ayelet Marinovich

I'm what you might call an "early communication expert."

I'm a pediatric speech-language pathologist, a singer, a parent educator, a theater person, a story teller, a partner, and also, just a mom. When my baby was born, I decided to combine my skills and my desire to create a safe, social learning space for myself and my baby, and caregiver-baby pairs. 

Let me try to take out the prescriptive nature of "parenting advice," and instead, supplant it with knowledge and ideas - helping you create your own moments to enrich your experience as a family.


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