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Ayelet Marinovich, M.A. CCC-SLP, Creator of Strength In Words

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Come join our small-group family enrichment sessions!

Family enrichment sessions focus on communication strategies, language learning, and early development. They are just as much about parent learning, connection, observation, and socialization as they are for the child! 

All activities  are meant to support your understanding of your child’s development and encourage interaction between caregiver and baby.

Ayelet also provides individual speech & language assessment and therapy services. Please click here to learn more.

  • A well structured group for babies which focuses on key areas at their stage of development with information and ideas for play. Ayelet brings new things to the group each week and makes mums and babies alike feel relaxed and welcome. Thank you!

    Amy P., mother

  • I’ve learned so much about letting my baby try things and not leading her to it. Letting her discover on her own. I remember I pushed her hand over to pop a bubble and you said let her try it – and she did it on her own. Marvelous learning moment for me and for her.

    Gina C., mother

  • A baby music class with an edge – where you and your babies learn about speech and language development through songs, noises and at times quite complicated rhythms.

    Richard T., father

  • A wonderfully refreshing group that awakens the senses of babies (and parents) using simple but very effective tools and a stimulating forum for observing baby development in new ways.

    Susan R., grandmother

now offering:

Infant – Caregiver sessions

A six-week class “mini-semester” with you and your baby, 0 – 12 months old!


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We’ll be adding additional classes soon, to accommodate various days of the week, times, ages of children, siblings, and work schedules




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