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the family enrichment library


for families & educators of infants and toddlers


Looking for a library of ideas like these?

INFORMATION OVERLoad, not enough time

The internet can be a vast, scary place with lots of opposing opinions - You just want to know what to do to stimulate your child's growth and development. 

You feel like there's never enough time - between balancing work, house duties, and physical care for a young child, it can be difficult to set aside time to just play and interact

You don't always know what to do with your child - and you don't have time to do a lot of research about the best educational and entertaining activities.

you want


To provide an enriching environment without all the plastic toys, bells and whistles.

To know what to do to stimulate your child's growth and development. 


IMAGINE that...

You had a place to access developmentally-based information, paired with SIMPLE, practical ideas that you can apply to the few precious moments you have to dedicate to your young children


You could pick and choose curated content that works for your family - without spending hours searching for ideas, and without the overwhelm.


You could access developmentally appropriate video and text-based content that you can use RIGHT NOW, and could interact on a regular basis with an expert in early learning.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new parent, caregiver or professional working with early learners?

hallie b., Mother of a toddler

“Ayelet and the Family Enrichment Library are perfect for the busy parent who wants to spend quality time with their child! My little one and I have sat together during the videos and it’s so nice to be in the comfort of our own home, yet feel like we are part of Ayelet’s music class! There is SO much information out there these days that it can be hard to know how to make sense of it all. Ayelet has grouped developmental information & related activities by age ranges, which takes all the guess work out of planning FUN with my little one. This is such a great resource!”

what's in the library?

Family Enrichment Video Sessions.png

Family Enrichment Sessions

  • Video-based sessions using music, rhythm and play: inspiration to connect with your baby
  • Musical experiences, play ideas & tips about developmental concepts
  • An opportunity to focus on communication strategies, language learning, and early development
family enrichment sessions

Family Enrichment Downloads

Downloadable Handouts

  • Each session's songs, rhymes and rhythms provided in downloadable PDF
  • References and resources for further learning
Family Enrichment Session Handouts


Developmental information & activity Ideas

  • Information about various developmental domains corresponding to your infant or toddler's developmental age (cognitive, communicative, motor/sensory, & social/emotional)
  • Developmentally appropriate activity ideas to help you make use of that information - with little to no materials, allowing you to make use of common household materials
Developmental information and activity ideas

Monthly Family Enrichment Q and A Sessions

Live Workshops

  • Exclusive monthly live Q & A sessions - an opportunity to get specific questions answered
  • Member-generated discussion points: you decide the subject area
Family Enrichment Library Workshops

Family Enrichment Community


  • Connect with other caregivers via an exclusive member group
  • Share additional activity ideas
Family Enrichment Library Community

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Family Enrichment Library testimonial

theresa r., mother of a toddler

“As a speech-language pathologist who only works with adults, and a mother of a baby with developmental delays, admitting I could use a little help with language skills for my own child was tough… but this resource has given me something to do with my son that he absolutely LOVES, and makes me feel good knowing it’s developmentally appropriate. Instantly, Cam connected with Ayelet’s soothing, beautiful voice as he smiled and clapped along with the songs. Having a child with special needs can be very difficult and disheartening when trying to find things that are appropriate for him, but this Library has all of the materials laid out so I can easily click to find what’s right for HIM! This is invaluable to me and allows me to spend time doing what I love: spending time with him! Thank you for creating something that’s so easy to use, that my baby loves so much and that takes the pressure off me to make sure it’s developmentally appropriate!”

Frequently asked questions


Who is the Family Enrichment Library for?
The Library is for parents, caregivers and educators/therapists working with infants and toddlers. All activities can be easily modified to target play activities with pre-verbal children or "early communicators," as well as emergently verbal children, or "emergent communicators." We might also call these categories "infants" and "toddlers;" however, in the interest of inclusivity, the activities within are also wholly appropriate for children who are developmentally delayed. 

How often is the collection updated?
Each month, a new "enrichment session" video and its related downloadable content are added. 

In addition, each month, members have the option to attend a live Q & A workshop. Topics are decided by current members, and archived workshops can also be accessed within the library. Guest experts may be brought in to provide additional insight. 

Can I give the Library as a gift?
Absoutely! The Family Enrichment Library is a fantastic gift for any new parent or recently graduated educator or therapist working with young children. Surprise a lucky family or professional with the gift of a Family Enrichment Library subscription. 

Am I tied into a long-term commitment?
You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Family Enrichment Library at any time. 

Are there longer subscription options?
We offer monthly and annual subscriptions at a discounted rate. We also offer 6-month gift subscriptions.

Are you open to new addition ideas?
I love receiving requests from subscribers! If you have a theme or activity idea in mind, feel free to contact me here.