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Developmental Information & Activities

Made For You to Easily Integrate Into Everyday Life

I have a lot of friends having babies lately.


It makes sense - I have an infant and toddler, myself! As a parent who is also a professional, it's important to me to equip my friends with high quality information and simple ideas for interacting with their little ones. 

These Infant & Toddler Activity Cards are great for families and professionals working infants and toddlers!

A Strength In Words Family Photo

A Strength In Words Family Photo


If you are looking for:

A quick way to learn bite-sized facts about your infant or toddler’s learning level, and a way to easily integrate simple, actionable ideas into your everyday life...

here is your solution!

Infant and Toddler Activity Cards

Infant & Toddler Activity Cards are:

  • A BIG HIT at baby showers, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays!
  • A digital download which you can keep on your phone, tablet or computer for easy access
  • Printable (in black & white or color) to place in highly frequented locations in your home
  • They are available individually or as a complete set.

Each set of 8 Activity Cards (a digital download) includes:

  • 4 cards providing easily digestible developmental information about that age group and actionable suggestions for simple activities you can do that promote cognitive, communicative, motor/sensory, and social/emotional development.


  • 4 cards with "quick wins" for you: activities you can implement using music, early literacy experiences, sensory experiences, and visual supports. Each category includes 3 activity suggestions (12 in all).


  • ALL activities require little to no materials.
Preview 3-6 Months Infant Activity Cards
Preview 3-6 Month Infant Activity Cards

Easy to print...

You can print each of these cards and put them in a place you’ll see them (your refrigerator), or in a part of your home that will inspire you to play (baby’s room, play area).

Laminate or use packaging/masking tape against a small piece of cardboard (part of a box) for a DIY laminate.

**All activities are all meant to be interactive, and should be supervised by a fully present adult.**

infant and toddler activity cards mockup