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The Act of Music-Making Can Be Accessible to Your Family!
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Music for families – the album!

In search of quality family music

We’ve all heard that “music is good for young children,” but many of us don’t feel very musical.

Let’s face it, listening over and over to so-called “children’s music” can drive us to the breaking point…

Playing our music for our little ones is great, but it can be difficult to recreate/sing ourselves, include our little ones in the music-making, or simply to remember the words!

We all need a place to start…

Often, we need to be reminded about how simple the act of music-making can be with our young children!

We need an avenue to help us feel less afraid of being silly or sounding ridiculous

We need some ideas for actually using nursery rhymes and finger plays to connect with our young children

“I actually hate most of the children’s music you buy or find on youtube – there is too much ‘going on’ with all the electric instruments… Your album is really different, and reminds me of our baby music class (which my son and I loved). It really is easy to sing and clap along to the songs! Sometimes I use the album like an activity that my son and I can do together, or sometimes I just let it play and it seems to calm him down – I even saw him doing some hand motions by himself the other day!”

Elise H.

Mother of an Infant & Toddler

3 Myths About Children’s Music, Dispelled

1. You don’t have to be musical to provide musical experiences for your young child

2. You don’t have to like children’s music to be musical with your child

3. You don’t have to know or remember a bunch of “kids songs” to be musical with your child


Ayelet’s melodic, warm, inviting voice welcomes you to play and interact musically with your young child. Through the music and ideas presented, you’ll be inspired to find new ways to support your young child’s development!”

Susan A.

Caregiver and Grandmother

Listen and engage

As we create rich musical experiences together using the simplest of tools – your voice and homemade instruments.

Use songs, rhymes and chants

From your childhood and from the Strength In Words podcast to support your infant, toddler or preschooler’s development

“I love the album as do my children, ages 3 and 10 months. We enjoy your voice and recommendations of ways to switch things up. We had been playing your Episode 25 of the podcast repeatedly until the album came out.”

Heather S.

Mother of an infant and a toddler

“I’m a stay-at-home dad & my kids and I do regular ‘circle time.’ Playing this album really engages them. The first time we sat down with the album, my daughter actually cried when I told her it was time to turn the music off and get ready to go to the park.”

Mikiya M.

Father of an infant & toddler


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