Baby Sign Language: Tips and Research

This week, we speak with pediatric speech-language pathologist Adrienne, of "Learn With Adrienne." Our discussion focuses on Adrienne's special interest in using gestures and Sign Language with young children as a tool to support the development of verbal language, the evidence that supports this practice, as well as some great tips and resources for parents, caregivers and professionals interested in using Sign Language with infants and toddlers. 

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Great resources we mentioned in this podcast episode (in order they were mentioned):

Laura Mize "Teach Me To Talk"

The Babblers and the Bangers

Get the first lesson of her online course for free here

Assume Intentionality Strength In Words podcast episode

Sign up for her Sign Language Online Course here (I consider this course such a great resource, I became an affiliate!)

Get the first lesson of her online course for free here

Watch Adrienne's Facebook Live videos here

Hand Gestures Boost Spoken and Signed Language Learning

Early Sign Language Vocabulary


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Looking for an easy way to get started with Sign Language? Check out our "Sign Language Motivators" - learn 10 signs consisting of nouns, verbs, time words, prepositions & social words (early developing word categories!) - download them below!

Sign Language Motivators


10 Sample Signs consisting of nouns, verbs, time words, prepositions and social function words - to get you started!

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Adrienne is a Speech-Language Pathologist who teaches Sign Language to beginners. She has created videos on Youtube and her Sign Language Online Course for beginners. Her passion is to teach Sign Language by simplifying signs into bite-sized, step-by-step directions, while giving memory strategies. Adrienne is dedicated to helping beginners learn Sign Language so that they can begin to communicate with family members, friends, classmates, or customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Adrienne's mission: Sign to Connect.

Sign up for her Sign Language Online Course here (I consider this course such a great resource, I became an affiliate!)

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