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unique play materials: Gift tags for a 1st birthday

Unlock the potential of everyday objects - a creative, environmentally sustainable, developmentally appropriate, unique gift idea for a one-year old's birthday!

Unique Play Materials: Gift Tags for a 1 year old
Infant and Toddler Activity Cards Image

infant & toddler activity Cards

Quick wins for you: developmental information and simple activities to easily integrate into everyday life. Available for ages 0 - 36 months.

Music for families album

Song and rhyme activities for infants, toddlers & pre-school aged children that allow the act of music-making to be accessible to your family, featuring Ayelet Marinovich's voice and DIY instruments like those you've heard on the SIW podcast!

Family Enrichment Library

family enrichment library

An exclusive content library for families and educators of infants and toddlers. Enjoy "family enrichment sessions" (from the comfort of your own home!), Q & A workshops answering your questions about learning and play, developmental information & corresponding activities based on your child's developmental age, and a community of other caregivers. 

Music, Play & Early communication

A language stimulation framework for pre-verbal infants and toddlers. Learn how to incorporate signs, gestures, sounds, and visuals into activities with your pre-verbal infant or toddler. Perfect for parents, caregivers & educators.