Unique Play Materials: Gift Tags For A 1st Birthday

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Gift Tags 1st Birthday FBook.png

Unique Play Materials: Gift Tags For A 1st Birthday

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Everyday kitchen items are often the gifts in which the child finds the most delight (not just on that day - but for many months to come!!)... but the REAL delight is with the parent, and it's these GIFT TAGS that are the most important, appreciated part of the gift.

As parents, we love having quick access to simple, creative ways to play with our children. We know that open-ended play is something we want to encourage... but it's not always easy to wrap our heads around the ways we can support that.

What's Included in your Digital Download:

+ 1 Gift Tag to describe to the recipient a description of their intended purpose (to inspire and enliven your interactive play with your little one)

8 Gift Tags describing various developmental domains you can target using the 8 categories I outline on my "best-of" list of kitchen items (which you can download here, or receive as part of your purchase). Offer your family, friends & colleagues (or even yourself!) activities that support:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Communicative Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Sensory Development

All activities described are interactive, and therefore inherently address social/emotional development

+ Instructions for putting together your intended gift!

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