The Heart Of It FOR EDUCATORS: 0 - 12 Months


The Heart Of It FOR EDUCATORS: 0 - 12 Months


Get to the heart of caregiving with the infant enrichment curriculum for educators from Strength In Words (FULL CURRICULUM) in E-Book format

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This product was developed for educators, caregivers and therapists who work with infants, from newborn to one year. 

What aspects of development are infants in your care working on from birth - 12 months of life, and how can you best support that?

This 50-week curriculum is the FULL curriculum, providing easily digestible "modules" for each week, based on chronological age (but many modules can be applied to infants who are both typically developing and developmentally delayed) in the form of an e-book, with developmental information and practical ideas in the areas of:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Communicative Development
  • Motor Development
  • Social/Emotional Development

Learn more about how to "play" with infants in your care, and learn how you can read your babies' signals to maximize the quality of your interaction.

The Heart Of It, an "infant enrichment curriculum," gently guides you through the first year of an infant's life, addresses major areas of development, and is based on developmental research and guidelines for early learning.

A weekly "check-in" regarding what babies in your care may be working on, and ideas to support that development. This curriculum is useful for all families and caregivers - those whose infants are moving along a typical progression of development, and those with developmental delays.