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Delia, Mother of Infant & Toddler

"Ayelet has helped me a ton! I am always inspired by her patience and consistency in her interactions with littles, and her podcast and class have expanded our song repertoire so much."

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Geneva, mother of an infant

Thank you so much for organizing this email course as an approachable way to get familiar with you and your resources.  I've been using simple songs with my son since he was born, but your podcast taught me the "Hello Song," the "Goodbye Song," and taught me about ways to make our little songs more interactive.  I'm so glad to have a good, clear steer from a child-development expert on the value of variation within a familiar pattern.

Ankita, mother of an infant

I love all of the simple, fun ideas for play and interaction that you talk about on your podcast. Just like any other adult, I tend to see things for what they are (i.e. blocks are for stacking, books are for reading, etc), and I have a hard time thinking outside the box. Your podcast has really helped me come up with more creative play ideas for me and my little one. 

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