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Secret Guide To Tummy Time

Ayelet: So, today I would like to introduce a very special guest to you. Her name is Rachel Coley, she’s a pediatric occupational therapist, and creator of CanDo Kiddo, a really wonderful online resource for parents, caregivers of, and professionals working with infants and toddlers. She’s also the author of several books, including my personal favorite, “Begin With A Blanket.” Welcome, Rachel, thanks so much for being here on Strength In Words!

Rachel: Thank you, Ayelet! I love the podcast – I’ve been enjoying it with my little one during nap times for her brother lately.

Navigating Another Newborn

Well, it has been quite a week here at the Strength In Words headquarters, as my family and I welcomed a new baby into our home. This is my second baby, but my first time becoming a mother to a new baby while living close to two sets of grandparents. I feel incredibly thankful to have the benefit of lots of extra help and very happy distraction for my toddler so that I can enjoy a few moments with just my new baby. I am also lucky to have had a VERY straightforward birth the second time around, and my physical self already feels better after a week than I did after 6 weeks with my first baby. I can see how that affects my emotional self, my ability to “roll with the punches,” and enables me to write down little thoughts and musings to be shared with you today


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Unique First Birthday Gifts

The transition from infant to toddler

As a parent, you've seen your child make incredible gains in just 12 months - from a tiny, completely dependent person to one who is becoming more mobile, thoughtful, expressive, and independent each and every day. 

Around the age of one year, a child is often starting to put together a lot of information. Major developmental milestones are often acquired, such as first words, first steps, etc... but these milestones are symptomatic of something much larger.

DIY Sock Puppet For Language & Connection

It sometimes felt akin to listening to nails on a chalkboard - people just sounded ridiculous when they spoke to babies. And then, I had my own. And I did it, too. I mean, I'd say that I didn't sound quite as insane... but I definitely changed my speech patterns and my voice. I'm so glad to hear there is a reason why we do this... and to have some ideas that make me feel better about engaging with my baby this way!

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