NOBODY knows the best way for you to parent your child.

That is something you and your child are going to have to figure out, again and again… pretty much every day — if you’re lucky, for the rest of your life!

That is the enormous responsibility that we have as parents and caregivers…

Those early experiences that we give our infants and toddlers are the ones that shape their experience of life, and of how they come to define closeness and comfort.

My name is Ayelet Marinovich.

I’m what you might call an “early communication expert.”

I’m a pediatric speech-language pathologist, a singer, parent educator, theater person, story teller, and partner. Also, I’m just a mom. When my baby was born, I decided to combine my skills and my desire to create a safe, social learning space for myself and my baby & for other caregivers.

Let me try to take out the prescriptive nature of “parenting advice”

Instead, I’ll supplant it with knowledge and ideas – helping you create your own moments to enrich your experience as a family.

There’s plenty of “run-of-the-mill” parenting advice out there. 

We know you just want to better understand how your child learns.

You want to know how you can support your little one in the journey of “becoming human,” and you want peace of mind that you’re doing what matters most.

What Makes Strength In Words different?

Strength In Words is an educational resource that helps parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers by providing virtual access to high-quality, evidence-based resources and connections to other parents and professionals so they can have peace of mind they are supporting their children to the best of their ability.

Our goal is to empower the family through knowledge and connection, supporting parents so they can support their children.

Healthy, happy families result in healthy, strong societies.

Model Simple ways to enrich Interactions

Teach Developmental Concepts

Provide Ideas for Home Interventions

Put the Power Into the Hands of The Family

Is Strength In Words For Me?

We serve families with infants and toddlers and educators working with those families. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, therapist or other professional, Strength In Words is a valuable set of resources created by professionals in early learning.

The information you’ll find in our podcast, blog and featured in our products and services is evidence- and research-based. It is often appropriate for children who are moving along a typical progression of development, as well as those who are developmentally delayed.

Want to go deeper? Join our Community Lab!

Parenting advice is not just the decisions you make about how to feed your baby:

It’s also about how to learn to become a supportive teacher in your child’s life.

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Infants and toddlers learn through observation, imitation and interaction.

That means that once your child's physical needs are met, he/she needs:

  • To be able to watch you and hear you
  • Space to move around
  • Someone with whom he/she can interact

That's it. The specific ways you decide to do all of that are up to you, but I'll be in your inbox each week to offer you new ideas to integrate into your daily activity through music, early literacy, sensory experiences, and visual supports.

I promise to deliver useful information on a weekly basis, based on your child's age!


Why? Because we all need this information, and we all need access to resources we can trust. You've got a community of support at your fingertips.

You're already much closer than you think to doing everything you can to support your infant or toddler.

Life throws curveballs all the time, and so do our children. The minute we feel like we "figured it out," they change.

Here's the thing... everything you need and all the ways you can support your child most are already right in front of you. They don't cost anything. They don't require you to purchase the most expensive, newfangled toys.

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