Cuddles and giggles… bubbles and lullabies… we can’t expect these each and every moment of parenthood.

We would all love to be more cognizant of the ways we can support our children, but we often feel guilty that we can’t deliver on creating “amazing learning moments” for our little ones every moment of every day.

You Want:

  • To “do your research” about how to best support your baby’s development, but you struggle to hold a normal conversation – much less read a book about early learning!
  • To build the confidence to be the best parent you can be, but each time you feel like you’ve “figured it out,” everything changes.
  • To find simple, actionable ways to make use of the information you know about what’s “good” for your baby, in a way you feel comfortable.

When we understand how tiny humans learn, we are better equipped to connect with our babies and with ourselves as parents.

You can help your little one learn and develop through high-quality, evidence-based resources, and through connections to other parents.

The SIW Community LAB is your vehicle to maximize that connection, giving you access to a library of resources, a community of support, and peace of mind you can make your play with your little one more productive – with your precious, limited time.

What’s Inside:

  • A developmental curriculum
  • Live Q&A Workshops with professionals and special guests
  • Online developmental music classes
  • Virtual parent support groups
  • An active, respectful community of support

Access the SIW Community LAB on your desktop or on our dedicated app (iOS or Android) – you can literally grab ideas, information, or attend an event from anywhere, at your convenience.


When you feel empowered with knowledge about how your baby develops and how you can support that development,
You feel more confident as a parent
And you’re able to connect in more ways with your baby.