Does this seem like the only way to get a moment to yourself?


As parents of tiny humans, we often feel overwhelmed…

By the physical care and needs of our child(ren),

By the tasks that need to get done to make our household run,

By the sleep deprivation…

It’s difficult to get everything done.

The physical care of an infant can be overwhelming. And there are plenty of “experts” proclaiming the “right” ways  to do things, leaving us inevitably feeling like we’re doing it wrong. The necessary tasks to manage baby care, self-care, house care, (partner care?) can be a LOT, especially in the first months. And yet, at the end of the day, we often don’t feel like much was accomplished.

You need more time to feel like you’re actually “enriching” baby

All that physical care and all those daily tasks add up… and particularly for parents who return to work outside the home, those times seem to be the the only opportunities we get to spend time with baby. How on earth does anyone manage to actually stimulate their baby’s development?

You crave access to a community of support

We all need more time, resources, and people. As parents of infants, we could really use someone to commiserate with, who understands those feelings of overwhelm, disconnect, vulnerability… not just to complain, but to share a laugh, recognize “all the feelings,” and reflect, compare, and contrast experiences.

Join me for a Virtual Parent Enrichment “Support” Group

We’ll spend time sharing parenting highs and lows,  focusing on your baby’s development and we’ll take some time to chat.

Babies welcome.

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You're already much closer than you think to doing everything you can to support your infant or toddler.

Life throws curveballs all the time, and so do our children. The minute we feel like we "figured it out," they change.

Here's the thing... everything you need and all the ways you can support your child most are already right in front of you. They don't cost anything. They don't require you to purchase the most expensive, newfangled toys.

Infants and toddlers learn through observation, imitation and interaction.

That means that once your child's physical needs are met, he/she needs:

  • To be able to watch you and hear you
  • Space to move around
  • Someone with whom he/she can interact

That's it. The specific ways you decide to do all of that are up to you, but I'll be in your inbox each week to offer you new ideas to integrate into your daily activity.

Nobody wants a bunch of STUFF cluttering their inbox. I promise to deliver useful information on a weekly basis, based on your child's age!


Why? Because we all need this information, and we all need community.

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