Around the 12-month marker, we often see first words start to emerge.

Many parents believe that first words somehow “don’t count” if they’re not produced using the adult pronounciation (for instance, if a child says “baba” instead of “bottle”).

If you notice that your baby:

  • Uses the same (or very similar) combination of consonants and vowels to express a thought, desire, or need
  • Pairs a gesture with what you think could be an emerging verbalization
  • Vocalizes in various environments or contexts (e.g., says “baba” when she sees a bottle in someone else’s stroller and also when she’s about to sit down for a feed) and with various partners

Chances are, your child may be starting to use “symbolic language.”

So what can you do?!

An example you can use

My 12-month old points at the light and vocalizes “ffff.”

I’m going to go ahead and assume that he is saying the word, “off!”

To help ensure that this is the case, provide him with additional practice, and put the word into a play context, we can turn the light “on” and “off!” He may even start to attempt to say “on,” as well!

This also solidifies the concept behind that vocabulary.

This kind of simple activity targets all areas of development, and requires NO materials other than you, your child, and everyday household objects.

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Infants and toddlers learn through observation, imitation and interaction.

That means that once your child's physical needs are met, he/she needs:

  • To be able to watch you and hear you
  • Space to move around
  • Someone with whom he/she can interact

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