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We have something a little bit special for you: an all music episode.

On this episode of Strength In Words, Ayelet invites families in her community to participate in a sing-along to celebrate the 25th episode of the podcast!

Sing along to some of your favorite songs with us – no interruptions, just a great opportunity to sit (or dance!), listen and sing with your infant and/or toddler. We decided to feature some of our listener favorites – songs we’ve sung along the way, with our own variations.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret…

We released an album!

That’s right – you’ve told us how much you love the musical component of the Strength In Words podcast, and we’ve created something special for you to bring inside your home, in the car, and wherever you are. 

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Can you believe this is our 25th episode?

I just want to thank you, my listeners, for being here with me for the last 25 episodes – essentially 6 months! – of Strength In Words, which is growing and evolving along with your families. I encourage all of you who listen on iTunes or Stitcher to go ahead and write a review, and if you haven’t already, join the Strength In Words communities on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, where I share lots of great, curated information, ideas and photographs.

As you know, the podcast is an amazing resource for families and professionals, alike. If you’re looking to go deeper, I also have a number of products and services I’ve created to fill the needs you’ve told me you have! Have a look at them here!

What are some of your favorite songs from past episodes?

Answer in the comment section below!

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