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Transcript of this week’s interview with Ania Witkowska, a somatic movement educator and therapist. Our discussion focuses on Ania’s philosophy, the way she works with families, and some tips and strategies (along with favorite “props”). 

So often, we are out of touch with the mind-body connection. This somatic movement educator has made it her mission to help us connect.

Ania Witkowska connects parents, caregivers and young children. She has applied her background as a somatic movement educator and therapist to working with families.

This episode of Strength In Words features an interview with Ania, her philosophy, the way she works with families, and some tips and strategies (along with favorite “props”).

Ania Witkowska is a Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist with over 20 years experience of working with babies, young children and their parents. Through her courses, workshops and individual consultations she helps parents and professionals see more clearly how children learn and express themselves through movement. Her creative and practical approach supports adults to connect to their own instinctual and embodied presence enriching their understanding and resourcing their own communication skills.

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