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She’s an educator, a therapist, a mom, and she has some great ideas for you about early literacy.

Meet Megan Lingo, Educational Therapist, creator of Chickadee Lit, and co-creator of KidArt Lit. In this episode of Strength In Words, Megan spoke to Ayelet about wordless picture books.

Have you ever sat down with a wordless picture book and thought, “am I doing this right?” The first answer is, probably! Listen to our conversation and hear Megan’s 5 great tips to get you excited about reading wordless picture books.

Megan Lingo is a veteran reading teacher, Educational Therapist and mom to three small children. She writes about reading for kids and families on her blog, Chickadee Lit and co-creates wonderful art and story kits at KidArt Lit.

Disclosure: I love KidArt Lit. I love it so much, I became an affiliate, which means that if you click on this link and decide to purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you)!


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