SIW Weekly


Useful information & ideas delivered straight to your inbox each week, with developmentally-based ideas to support your infant and/or toddler through play – specifically through music, literacy, sensory experiences, and visual supports. 

SIW Community LAB


A content hub & community of support for families of infants & toddlers of all developmental levels. An all-in-one resource that’s not “one-size-fits-all,” providing peace of mind, confidence, access, and more productive play with your limited time!

Music Class 6-Pack


SIW Digital Music Classes! Love the music from Strength In Words? Want to take a few music classes with your baby, but don’t want to leave the house? Know someone who’s expecting a baby? Treat someone special to our video music classes

Digital Music Album

Song and rhyme activities for infants, toddlers & pre-school aged children that allow the act of music-making to be accessible to your family, featuring Ayelet Marinovich’s voice and DIY instruments!

Caregiver Coaching

Work directly with me. We’ll look at your daily routines & rituals, talk through play ideas and materials, and you’ll come away with clear ways to maximize the pockets of time when you can fully focus on your little one.

Local Services

Learn more about local services I can provide in the SF Bay Area, such as: in-home music classes, family enrichment coaching, parent group developmental topics, and individually tailored services depending on your needs.